The Townmead Recreation Area is ten bags cleaner

Wlatham Abbey Litter PIcking Posse at the Townmead pond

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This Saturday (3nd June) half a dozen of us went picking in the Townmead Recreation Area. Although the area is pretty well tended by the groundskeeper there are several problem areas, including the path that runs alongside Meridian Way. Much of the litter along the path is from McDonalds. The Skate Park is a particularly bad spot for discarded single-use plastic drink bottles.

We had a good couple of hours, collecting ten bags in lovely surroundings – the pond is well worth a visit.

Unfortunately there was more litter on Sunday, mostly by the Skate Park again, along with food packaging left under trees.

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2 thoughts on “The Townmead Recreation Area is ten bags cleaner”

  1. This is the governments lax approach to litter .

    Put a £5000 fine on littering – sweet wrappers and any packaging litter,
    and it would disappear over night.

    I am continually picking up litter from mostly smokers, and children.

    children that are not told by there parents to not litter.
    And adults that smoke , dont care about much.

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